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Veterans Financial Stability Initiative

We fight for those who served

United Way of Racine County, in collaboration with Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation, provides services and programming at the James A. Peterson Veteran Village that fits the needs of individual residents. Through the Veterans Initiative, we utilize a place based approach similar to the LIFT model.
The main component of the Veterans Initiative is the financial program. Volunteers offer success coaching for veterans focused on financial stability, using tools and resources provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In-person, individualized and trustworthy guidance can help local veterans make good financial decisions to reach their financial goals and maintain independence. 
By partnering with WWBIC and bringing in the expertise of other partners such as Housing Resources of Racine County, Educators Credit Union and others we offer bi-weekly financial workshops. To supplement the workshops and personalize the materials, we offer one-on-one financial coaching through our volunteer success coaches. Coaches hold 30-minute session with their clients twice each month. The coaches help to motivate, inspire and hold their client accountable. The goal is to help veterans increase their savings, decrease their debt and improve their credit scores as they work toward their ultimate goal of financial security and the ability to move out of the village.
To learn more about becoming a volunteer financial coach, contact Lori Riffer, financial stability manager, at 262-456-6468 or apply online: