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link and inspire for tomorrow (LIFT)

is a place-based strategy that creates partnerships between neighborhoods and resources. It connects families from LIFT sites and the surrounding neighborhoods with resources focused on academics, family relationships, and health and social services.

In September 2016, we brought LIFT to Racine County's first site at Knapp Elementary. Here, the LIFT strategy took shape by transforming Knapp into a community school, based on a successful model found in thousands of communities throughout the country. 

In 2019, we brought the LIFT model to Racine County's second community school: Julian Thomas Elementary. 

Nothing is more important to Racine County’s long-term economic prosperity than the development of a workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform the job. That development begins in the classroom and in neighborhoods. Our community schools are a joint effort between United Way of Racine County and Racine Unified School District, driven by the generous support of community members and local businesses. Together, we can prepare children for success in education and life by providing the resources and support they need.

Look at what we accomplished together.

2018 LIFT Flyer Community schools increase opportunities for children to succeed in school by adding the kinds of resources known to make a difference: increased parental involvement in children’s education; extra learning opportunities through educational enrichment; consistent access to adult guidance and support; and ready access to physical, dental and mental health services. Your continued support of our LIFT strategy within the community school model makes a difference in the lives of families, children and the entire community.

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