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United Ways nationwide and the Familywize community partnership program have worked together for the last decade to ensure community members have greater health and financial stability. United Way of Racine County is doing the same. By partnering with Familywize, United Way of Racine County is able to provide individuals and families with more affordable prescription medications through the use of the Familywize prescription savings card. The savings card provides discounts to prescription medications, is free to anyone to use regardless of insurance coverage, requires no registration, provides coverage to all FDA approved medications and has an unlimited use.

Familywize works by negotiating a discounted price for your prescription and giving you the full amount of savings. You simply show the pharmacy your savings card, either in print or through the app, and receive your medications at the lowest possible price! To read more about this program and the services it provides, see the key Familywize widget below.

Save on prescriptions

  • Save nearly 40 percent on your prescription drug costs
  • No age or income restrictions
  • No enrollment, activation or fees
  • Can be used by those without insurance and for medicines not covered by insurance, Medicaid or Medicare
  • Accepted at most pharmacies nationwide



Simply present the card and your prescription to a participating pharmacy. You pay either the discounted price with the card or the pharmacy’s retail price, whichever is lower. Use as often as needed. The card can even be photocopied for family, friends and coworkers. The discounts and savings you receive are provided voluntarily by the more than 55,000 participating U.S. pharmacies that have agreed to accept this card.


For more information, please contact MaryBeth Kallio at 262-898-2247.