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2020 Census

building an educated workforce — step one     

In order to build an educated workforce in Racine County, we need to make sure every person in our county is accounted for and represented.

That's why United Way of Racine County wants to bring awareness to the 2020 census.

Why the census matters

Information gained from the census is invaluable to our community. It helps our county determine how much funding various organizations and initaitives receive based on the makeup of our population. In the past, traditionally underrepresented groups of people, such as the LGBTQ+ community and the homeless population, have not always been recorded by the census — making it more difficult to serve them. 

learn more and get involved

We can all do our part to get that accurate count.

Help us build an educated workforce and Live United in Racine County by volunteering and sharing the word about the 2020 census. 

Have ideas on how to promote the census? Email to inform census workers of events that could benefit from census promotion.